Giving A Gift

Catholic Singles Community desires for anyone who wishes to attend our events to be able to. In this day in age, it does take time, talent, and treasure to keep our events going. We welcome you to give to our organization. Knowing that you can support us in many ways, we can always be assured of many CSC events to come. If you would like to give, please click on the link below to get started. We use the PayPal system so it’s easy to give!

Charity Gift

We want you to know that your gift is going to help young adults get closer with their relationship with Christ. Every gift helps.

No PayPal Account? No Problem!

PalyPal is our secure way of obtaining gifts for our organization. If you have an account, that’s great! You can give very easily just click on the Donate link! If not, you can use your Debit or Credit card to donate to us using the same link.